In the wake of the COVID19 crisis, Leonora Fransman met a man who had lost his job. He was with his wife and two children, living in an underprivileged community in Cape Town. They hadn’t eaten for two days. In response to his plea for help, Leonora cleared out her cupboards and gave him whatever she could. When she arrived at his home, she saw the extent of the need in his neighborhood. In South Africa, children often get only one meal a day, at school. But when schools closed, those meals fell away. As poverty increased, malnutrition started to rise. Leonora rallied for support via her own channels and that’s how we got involved. In the same way that Leonora rose up to help her community, we’re asking you to rise up to help her in turn.

Your one-off donation of £150 (US$185) can feed 150 people for a week. We’re aiming to raise £3 600 (around US$4 500), which will be enough to support the community for sixmonths. Any currency is welcome, in whatever small amounts you can afford. Watch the video to find out how we got involved and how you can help Leonora. The GTP is providing logistical support to Leonora in this food drive, collecting and channeling donations and coordinating the supply of donated goods.

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